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    In the past few years, we have had to reduce the frequency of the Tuesday Club, but are aiming to put on a more full events program throughout the year instead to spread our resource and make it accessible to all members of Royston Mencap.

    Our club for adults is called the Tuesday Club. As the name suggests, it meets on a Tuesday evening from 7-9pm, we have typically about 8-15 learning-disabled members who attend. We have a program of activities for each club night and our group of volunteers are there to help the members enjoy themselves and get the most out of the evening.

    Please see social calendar on the home page for details of the next Tuesday Club meetings and their locations.

    50p sub goes towards refreshments

    The club meets at The Barn on Upper King Street, Royston (Royston Day Centre) except for trips out. Arrangements for these trips will be communicated nearer the time

    For any enquiries contact Alex (07845201753/roystonmencap@outlook.com)